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Upcoming Meetings

 ANYONE’S WELCOME mid month Meeting.  October 23rd.  Crowne Plaza at the old Indy Airport.  6 PM

This will be the last mid month meeting for Indy Property Investors.  Come join us for some relaxing one on one chat and idea swap.

No charge.  You buy your dinner if you’re hungry.  We will be meeting in the dining area. 

NOVEMBER 13TH.  It’s time for a SWAP MEET!  Bring your used materials that you are ready to trade in for something different.  EVERYONE will leave that evening with something. 

See you there, Dwayne & Michelle, Randy & Charlie, Bob Meister

We will be meeting at the Radisson Hotel at the old Indy airport.   6 PM

To help defray the cost of the meeting room there is a charge of $20.00 for non members but the knowledge you will get is priceless!

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