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Upcoming Meetings


 Our next Open to the public meeting will be August 14th.  

Hey Everybody,  Last Meeting On Rehabbing This Year

The next meeting for IPI (August 14th) is going to be on Rehabbing Properties!!! Yes you heard it RIGHT!!!  Tell your friends this is the Meeting you don’t want to miss Be ready to get all of your Rehab questions answered… Bring plenty of paper and pens, you are going to want to write all of this up to date latest information down!!! This Is The Last Meeting On Rehabbing this year, so don’t miss it.

See you there,

Dwayne & Michelle

We will be meeting at the Radisson Hotel at the old Indy airport.   6 PM

See You then!

To help defray the cost of the meeting room there is a charge of $20.00 for non members but the knowledge you will get is priceless!

Indy Property Investors