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You DO NOT have To Be A Member Of Indy Property Investors to come to the first meeting of the month.
Everyone is Welcome!

Membership Options:

•Pay as you go: The facility charge per person is $20 for the first meeting of the month.

We have two meetings a month; on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays. The 4th Thursday meeting is for Members Only.  The style of the meeting varies from week to week. Sometimes we have national level guest speakers and sometimes we have local talent handle the meeting. On occasion we do round tables and panel discussions as well as Q and A’s. We also have local authorities on various subjects and vendors speak to the group on their areas of expertise. During the holidays (November and December)we have just one meeting a month.

NOTE: Using the “pay as you go” method of membership it will cost you $220 per person per year plus you will not be able to attend the one on one help session meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month.

•Full Membership: The fee to belong to the group is $175.00 per year for one person $275.00 for two people.

As members you will receive a 20% discount on books, tapes and other educational materials as well as an invitation to the “Members Only” Christmas party.

In addition: Indy Property Investors members, have access to outstanding benefits including:

Our Indy Property Investors Real Estate Toolbox.  We start with a binder and we fill it with articles on different types of investing,  such as rehabbing, wholesaling and buying Subject To.  The binder also has an entire glossary of all Real Estate terms.  Then we add  educational C.D.’s that include information on Land Trusts, rehabbing and other information to help you get started in the Real Estate business.  

Members of Indy Property Investors also have access to special areas on the web site including our “Dead Beat” List.  This helpful list has the names of tenants who have given other investors real problems and have had to be evicted, usually for non-payment.  This is a FREE list you will want to refer to before leasing a home.

We also have lists recommending contractors, attorneys and other important professionals you will find helpful in your business.  It is called the ‘Dream Team’ list.

As a member you will also be able to attend the second meeting of each month where you will be privy to one on one help, information and discussions to this elite group. 

Lastly our Members are invited to our members only Christmas Party.  We the owners will buy you dinner and enjoy an evening of fun and fellowship as we close out the year and get ready to start a new one.

NOTE: This is just a partial list of the benefits and discounts of belonging to Indy Property Investors.

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