Message From Owners

Years ago a group of “wanna be” investors attended a Real Estate meeting and decided that Real Estate was the way to go.

They searched for a group that was local and would fit their needs. They didn’t want to simply be “landlords” but something that would be a bit less “hands-on”. They had a goal to help people; whether it was people who had homes to sell, people who had homes they wanted to buy, or even simply other investors.

For the first six months or so they would meet in each others homes. The talk was primarily real estate but some great friendships were also formed during that time.

The group is now Indy Property Investors and we can no longer fit into each others homes. Even though our meetings are now held on the southwest side near the airport, the real estate talk and friendly, positive atmosphere still exists.

We still have our original goals in mind as new investors join us. We remember how hungry we were when we started. We hope we can make it much easier for investors starting out today to find the knowledge they crave.

If you needed to sum up what we are all about in one word I would say that word is sharing. Ideas, deals, information… We are all fortunate that we have been able to learn so much and help so many people along the way; we want to pass that along to you.

Creating Indy Property Investors was one of the best things we have done. We are excited for our members and the future they can have.

“Charlie” & Randy France

Michelle Bray

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